Introducing Blogs & Photos in Luxembourg

Introducing Blogs & Photos in Luxembourg

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Welcome to Expatica's Blogs & Photos section for expats in Luxembourg!

Living in the world's only grand duchy? Expatica encourages you to share your experiences of living in Luxembourg, valuable to other expats as they settle into their new country, and to browse our existing blogs and see what other expats have to say.

We’re interested in content on all sorts of topic for our Blogs & Photos section, from politics, local events, local food recipes and photos to restaurant, film and book reviews. The choice of subject matter is up to you!

Serial expat Amanda has just moved to Luxembourg and concludes that moving is just stressful. New in yet another country, she's trying out women's clubs again, as well as wondering at her bilingual children.

'Lovely in Lux' Libby has been here a bit longer – long enough to learn she still has to pay American taxes and about about the complications of ordering fast food – and hopes that she won't have to leave the country before Starbucks comes to Luxembourg.


Katy is an American in Luxembourg too, and gets a kick out of the little differences between Luxembourg and the US, including a few about food, food, food!

Mindful Mimi may have been born here but – a Dutch national on paper and at heart – she feels more of an expat than a local, and blogs about positivity, creativity and whatever she turns her mind to, be it quarrlesome builders or the embarrassment of haggling parents.

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