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Mindful Mimi was born in Luxembourg but, as the daughter of Dutch expats, considers herself an expat more than a local. She is a working mother of two boys who are the continuous source of her creative approach to life. Mimi is also a writer, artist, blogger, photographer, initiator of Creative Workshops that bring creativity and innovation back to the workplace, and has started a project to bring the corporate world closer to charity.

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Dear Mindful Mimi,

I'll be starting a year-long contract at the European Court of Justice from the 1st July. I'd like to know which areas I should be looking in for a 1-bedroom apartment. I also want to avoid agency fees if possible - do you have any advice?


by Oran on 18 May 2010 Read Answer

Dear Mindful Mimi,

I want to find friends who aren’t mothers and who like to travel and laugh. I would also like to find some locals who will speak French with me. I sometimes feel everyone here speaks to me because they want to practise their English with me instead of having a proper conversation with me. Please advise me!

[posted on behalf of] Claire

by EditorLU on 14 Apr 2010 Read Answer

Dear Mimi,

This is my third year here and I still do not like Luxembourg. I find most people are reserved and rude. I have a couple of friends who I hang out with from time to time but it’s not enough. I really miss my friends and family back home and wish we could move back to the States, but it’s not possible in the near future. (Sigh.) What can I do?

[posted on behalf of] Lonely in Luxembourg

by EditorLU on 14 Apr 2010 Read Answer

Dear Mimi,

I hold a full-time job at an international company and work at least 45 hours per week. Professionally, there is no need for me to master German, but I would like to better integrate into Luxembourg. How can I find the time to work, relax and also study?

[posted on behalf of] Gemma

by EditorLU on 14 Apr 2010 Read Answer

Dear Expat Aunt,

I am a trailing spouse and moved to Luxembourg two years ago. I have not been able to find a job and have also been unsuccessful in making friends despite having attended some expat events. I feel isolated socially and professionally, and end up venting all my frustrations on my husband. Please help me!

[posted on behalf of] Trailing spouse, Lux. City

by EditorUK on 14 Apr 2010 Read Answer

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