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Ipek has been a consultant for Settler International (2000), assisting expats with all kinds of arrival or departure procedures, from home search to registration and connection of utilities. After swiftly climbing the corporate ladder to become an account manager at that same firm, Ipek has now moved on to become managing director & partner with Elite Relocation Services (2008).


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Dear Ipek,

My wife and I moved to Luxembourg a month ago, We've registered at commune due to my wife be a European citizen and to get the social number.
Since we arrived here, I've received a lot of job offers to work in I.T area, however, the companies said me that I need a sponsor to get a "work visa" to work here.

Is it true? how to proceed? Because I was thinking that i had the same rights to work here like my wife has.

- I'm legally married for 11 years.
- I have 10 years of work experience, technical qualifications, and diplomas in the area of I.T.


by Andre on 06 Dec 2016 Read Answer

Relocating from the UK to Luxembourg shortly for work. My family will be joining me in 6 months, in the meantime I will be going back at weekends. Would it be possible to claim child allowance in Luxembourg though my dependants will reside in the UK initially? (1 y/o, 3 y/o + 15 y/o(stepson)) or would I need to wait until they move?

by Chris on 10 May 2016 Read Answer

I am a Non-Eu citizen about to start employment in Luxembourg. Can my wife (also Non-Eu) come with me in Lux? Under 'family reunification' have to wait for one year before applying - which is a lot of time. Is there any other way?

by Arvin on 01 May 2016 Read Answer

I am a non-eu student I Luxembourg and my girlfriend lives in Luxembourg and we decided to live together in the place we are staying do we need to show financial proof to apply for pacs.

by gaurav on 24 Jul 2015 Read Answer

I am a non EU citizen and have been working in Luxembourg since 2009. I have recently become involved with a US citizen and we are looking at moving to the next stage in our relationship which is living together. Can he move to and live with me in Luxembourg? If so, is there any documentation that must be filed or applications submitted?

by Barb on 09 Jul 2015 Read Answer

Dear Ipek,
I'm EU citizen living and working in Luxembourg. I have been in a relationship with a Ukrainian girl for one year and we now consider living together here. My girlfriend still lives in Ukraine for the moment.
If she comes in Luxembourg with a short-term visa, would we be allowed to get a PACS and then ask for "regroupement familial"?
Thank you.

by John on 17 Jun 2015 Read Answer

Dear Ipek Akalin, I am a Brazilian/Luxembourgian citizen living in Brazil with my Brazilian husband. We decided to sell our company, apt, car, everything and move to Luxembourg for sake. The problem is that I have been dis-encouraged as I wont be able to rent a place as I don't have a job contract. Is that right? Our idea was living on our savings plus my husband's job contract with a huge industry in Brazil at the beginning. Is it impossible to rent without a job contract? Thank you.

by Flavia on 28 Apr 2015 Read Answer

Hi Ipek,
Appreciate this might not be your line of expertise, but can you briefly summarize what living with a girlfriend in Luxembourg legally/financially mean? Is there a similar concept to common law defacto marriage in Luxembourg? i.e. if I live with a girlfriend without legally being be in marriage or relationship through PACS are we deemed to be married after a period of time with same rights and obligations as marriage or PACS? Thank you.

by Maxim on 07 Apr 2015 Read Answer

Dear Ipek,

I would like to get a PACS with my girlfriend from FYR Macedonia, is this something you can arrange for us?

Kind regards,


by Tim on 30 Jan 2015 Read Answer


I am a non-EU citizen who applied for a work permit in Luxembourg. During the process I've married and my last name has changed. My temporary work permit will be granted according to my maiden name because dcuments that I used for application were on my maiden name.. What is the procedure for me to follow to change my name on work permit? What do I need to do to prevent any type of trouble while entering the country or getting my permanent work permit.

Thank in advance.


by V. on 21 Jan 2015 Read Answer

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