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Prête-Moi Paris: Co-working and free computer use in Paris

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EPN provides public spaces for all ages in Paris: Co-working desks, free computer and internet use, plus 'initiation' lessons for those unfamiliar with computer technology.

Offered by the city of Paris

A branch of La Cantine, the Espace Public Numérique is a public space for computer and internet use for those who do not have access at home.

It's free!

Twelve computer posts are available for consulting the Internet or reading emails with or without the help of a 'cyber space expert' (I think that is for a certain generation who didn't grow up with computers as a household necessity). Eight computer posts are also available for people doing training programs for employment.

You can use the headphones that are available and you can also bring your USB key with you as each post is equipped with a USB port. There are large(-ish) screens (for better visibility) and document suites for all your bureaucratic needs as well as image modification programs.

There are printers available in colour or black and white plus a photocopier and scanner that supports PDF and JPG as well as colour.

free computer and Internet use in Paris

There are 'modules' of initiation to the Internet that you can sign up for, or even themed learning sessions, for example, you can learn how to create a blog. There are also training sessions on how to use interactive sites and programs such as Facebook, as well as how to use a webcam to communicate with others. These are all free, although many are very basic. (One such session teaches you how to save documents to a USB key). Some may snicker at some of the help they provide, but perhaps you know someone who needs a little training (like a grandparent). If you have never done it before, it could be useful!

where to find free computer in ParisOther paid sessions deal with a slightly more complicated list of skills (creating a website, digital photos etc.)

Co-working spaces are also available for artisans, small companies, associations and the like – all you have to do is reserve by phone. There is enough space for eight people, a white board, a large table and the possibility to print or project documents.

This place could come in handy. It's useful for students who dont't have personal computers and need to access one for school work and research, or even those here on vacation who don't have a computer with them, and need access to one for emergency purposes or even just for practical use!

No special status is required in order to use the services offered by EPN, and EPN supports open source software and technology.

62 rue de Bretagne 75003
Monday to Friday 10am–9pm
E: epn3@espacepubliquenumérique.fr

with the permission of
Prête-Moi Paris.

Prete-Moi Paris: Expat blog on ParisMelissa Ladd of Prête-Moi Paris is an American who came to Paris in 2002 for just 10 months. Years later, she has completely integrated into the city of lights. She shares her love of Paris, French culture, trends and more through her blog, as well as via twitter, facebook, flickr, and Vimeo. The blog began in 2009, and has grown in depth, content and audience ever since. Prête-Moi Paris is for people who love Paris, whether they live there or not, have visited before, plan on visiting or merely dream of an escape to the city of love.  



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