Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?

Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?

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Whether you’re looking for a place to dance with 500 sweaty foreigners, 500 sweaty models, or you’re an artsy intellectual looking to enjoy an amazing DJ, Paris has a club for you.

The City of Light is famous for many things: Nutella drenched street crêpes, overpriced water bottled in “the Alps,” and cigar-smoking intellectuals. But every college kid and expat knows that Paris also has one of the most happening club scenes in the world. Can’t we all agree that Hemingway and Fitzgerald would’ve been down for a little late-night clubbing had they been given chance? From the dimly lit nooks and crannies of Club Silencio, to the Brazilian flavors of Favela Chic, this list of clubs in Paris offers something for every Francophile looking to live on the wild side.

Club Silencio

Famed director David Lynch makes an incredible psychological thriller and also apparently designs beautiful, oh-so-artsy Parisian nightclubs (who doesn’t these days?). If you’re looking for a stunning and ultra-exclusive club that routinely doubles as a concert venue, this surrealist retro-lit bunker is just the place for you. Club Silencio, named for the theater featured in Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Drive, has brought more than a few Hollywood traits all the way from Los Angeles; this is the longwinded way of saying that not everyone gets in. This place attracts the artsiest of the artsy, so those who look like they haven’t directed something from the New Wave (or don’t know what the New Wave is) might just get left in the cold.
Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?

What happens to the indie/alternative crowd when all the bars are full of sports fans and all the clubs are full of models and Avicii wannabes? Obviously they open a club on a boat. Batofar is docked in an isolated harbor on the River Seine and offers several floors of bars, seating space and dance floors. This is one club (boat) that knows how to party late into the night, because leaving at 3am would be so mainstream. Check this place out if you’re looking for the party of a European club with the option of a little breathing room on an outdoor deck overlooking the water.
Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?
Six Seven

Are you really, really ridiculously good looking or want to find people who are? Look no further than Six Seven, which exudes that classic French chic vibe that always seems to attract a plethora of international beauties. This club is located on the Champs-Élysée and offers an upstairs VIP section and a downstairs smoking lounge. Six Seven is the perfect spot to have a ton of swanky fun and offers the best of both worlds; the main dance floor is big enough to host 800 scantily clad party goers, while separated niches throughout the room offer a little more space for an actual conversation.
Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?
Favela Chic

Among the countless clubs in Paris is Favela Chic, a little gem of a restaurant and club that hides on a small street off Faubourg-du-Temple. One of Paris’ best kept secrets is marked by an illuminated top hat hovering in the small alleyway – and who doesn’t think about awesome Brazilian food and dance carnivals when they see a mysterious top hat floating in an alley? If you can find this hidden treasure you’ll discover an extensive Brazilian menu set in an eclectically decorated restaurant that turns into a nightclub after the kitchen closes at 11pm. 

Clubbing in Paris: What’s your scene?

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