The Economist magazine sees Sarkozy as 'shrinking president'

9th September 2010, Comments 0 comments

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has abandoned the bold promises he made at the start of his presidency and risks ejection after a single term, according to Thursday's issue of The Economist magazine.

The front cover of the British weekly portrays Sarkozy as no more than a pair of lower legs topped by a giant Napoleon-style hat following behind his wife Carla Bruni, under the headline "The incredible shrinking president".

In an editorial, the weekly said Sarkozy had been "unlike any other recent leader the country had known.

"He dared to tell the French what they did not care to hear: that they should work more, take more risks, promote more ethnic minorities, be nicer to America.

"He was not afraid to roll up his sleeves, confront his opponents and court unpopularity."

It added: "What a shrunken version of that politician now occupies the presidency.

"Little more than three years into his five-year term, Mr Sarkozy seems to be a shadow of the reformer he once was on economic affairs and a caricature of the tough-cop leader on social matters."

Later it says "the spectre of a one-term presidency has begun to hover menacingly" over the president.

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