Strauss-Kahn house attracts the holy and zany

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn could probably still use a little help to sort out his troubled life -- and Dr Mac Truong is here to oblige.

A day after a judge dismissed the sex crimes case against Strauss-Kahn, a steady trickle of visitors came Wednesday to the luxury Manhattan house where the Frenchman and his wife have been holed up the last three months.

Most were just curious tourists. But some were themselves curious and none more so than Truong.

A diminutive man describing himself in online profiles as a lawyer, philosopher, polyglot, inventor and host of an Internet broadcast show called "God 3.0," Truong asked at the front door to see Strauss-Kahn.

Rebuffed by a voice over the intercom, Truong slipped a neat manila envelope addressed to "Mr and Mrs DSK" through the letter box. Asked by reporters what it contained, he smiled enigmatically, then left.

Online, he is "Mac Truong, Esq., Ph.D., JSD" and there seems to be little that he can't do.

Truong claims to have "successfully represented more than 15 thousand clients," while a dozen US senators declared him "a model of success of the American dream" and no less than four of them "found him suited to be a justice of the United States Supreme Court."

But if Strauss-Kahn needed a consultant of even higher caliber as he tries to restore his old, charmed life, perhaps he should have let in another of Wednesday's visitors.

This time it was an impressively bearded Hasidic Jew asking to see Strauss-Kahn, who is Jewish.

He also left disappointed. Strauss-Kahn was "very busy. He is not seeing anyone," a woman's voice said over the intercom.

In fact the only people allowed into the heavily shuttered house were those offering more earthly services: a florist and a garbage collector.

The several dozen tourists who came to see "that French guy," as Strauss-Kahn is commonly known on New York streets, could only stand across the cobbled street and gawp.

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