Strauss-Kahn accuser laments French 'hero's welcome'

10th September 2011, Comments 4 comments

The woman who accuses ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempting to rape her in a Paris flat in 2003, on Saturday lamented what she said was the "hero's welcome" he was given on his return to France from New York.

"I cannot believe that my country gives a hero's welcome to a man who has not been cleared," Tristane Banon said of Strauss-Kahn's return to France last Sunday after attempted rape charges in the United States were dropped.

"I hear people telling me of their disgust, I need their support to remain upright, yet I am the one who bows my head and stays out of sight while others laugh at the cameras," the novelist said in a message sent to AFP and other media and posted on her Facebook page.

Strauss-Kahn arrived back in Paris to a media frenzy last Sunday, nearly four months after being accused of attempted rape by a hotel maid and a fortnight after the charges were dropped when prosecutors said his accuser lacked credibility.

A horde of journalists and handful of supporters awaited his arrival at the airport, and he was again mobbed by media on arriving at his home in the Marais area -- a display Banon's mother described as "indecent" at the time.

The 62-year-old Socialist politician, whose hopes for the French presidency have been torpedoed, still faces a civil suit from his New York accuser as well as a probe into allegations he tried to rape Banon, which he denies.

Strauss-Kahn has filed a defamation suit against the writer.

Calling for a picket in Paris on September 24, Banon wrote: "There is a real problem in this country, things must change.

"Rape and violence against women cannot be trivialised, money and power cannot place someone be above the law."

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  • Isolde

    on 12th September 2011, 01:59:14 - Reply

    The number of sexual encounters he had and his sexual preferences are none of anyone’s business. His and his wife’s private life should not be discussed publicly. It has nothing to do with his political aspirations.
    Lots of accusers will crawl out of the woodwork in hope to score some money. They are just vultures that are looking for a prey, or haters who are kicking someone who is down out of purely sadistic inclinations.
  • bluesky posted:

    on 11th September 2011, 21:05:49 - Reply

    DSK reputation is already ruined, and he has only himself to blame. While he may have been one of the best economic minds in France, built with some of his wife's backing, he clearly is not a gentlemen. Real men don't sneak cheap sex from women of a lesser economic standing, or employment position.
  • Isolde

    on 11th September 2011, 04:05:42 - Reply

    Novelist Tristane Banon said that Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her in 2003. She filed a criminal complaint in 2011 after Strauss-Kahn having spent several days in a New York jail. In 2003 she decided against pursuing the case further for fear it would tarnish her reputation. Apparently her reputation is beyond repair now, so she wants to destroy his as well.