Spaniard seeks mystery French tourist lifesaver

16th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

A 70-year-old Spaniard wants to personally thank a tourist who plucked him from the sea as he was being swept away by a strong current.

Madrid – An elderly Spaniard whose life was saved by a mysterious tourist is now desperately seeking the man who saved him from drowning in the sea.

"It was a miracle, and I am sorry that I was not able to thank him," Jose Antonio Zapater Foz, 70, told AFP.

On 23 July, Zapater said was swimming off the northeastern Spanish resort of Coma-Ruga, where he has spent his holidays for the past 40 years, when he swept away by a strong current.

"I began to panic, I couldn't see anyone. At the last moment, when I had already swallowed a lot of water, I saw an arm grabbing me."

It was from a man on an inflatable mattress, who then brought him back to the beach.

After three days in hospital, Zapater returned to the beach in search of his rescuer, but was told by other holidaymakers that the man, whom they said was French, had left two days after the incident along with his wife and two children.

Since then, he has written to the local press and the French embassy in an attempt to find him, to no avail.

"I wrote a letter to the (French) president (Nicolas) Sarkozy to congratulate him on having such an exemplary citizen," he said.

If he doesn't find his mysterious rescuer, he promised to be on the same Coma-Ruga beach next summer in case the man returns.

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