Sarkozy warns Iran against making 'tragic mistake'

25th September 2009, Comments 1 comment

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday warned Iran against "making a tragic mistake" in pursuing its suspect nuclear program as he addressed the UN General Assembly.

"I would like to say in a solemn manner to the Iranian leaders, that if they rely on a passive response from the international community in order to pursue their military nuclear program, they will be making a tragic mistake."

His comments came ahead of talks by the chief diplomats of the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany later on Wednesday to prepare for key talks with Iran in Geneva next week.

In an interview with French television before his speech to the United Nations, Sarkozy said that a December deadline must be set for Iran to show progress in talks with world powers on its suspected nuclear program.

"There will be a deadline and in my view it should be December," Sarkozy said when asked about the prospect of sanctions against Iran if the stalemate continues over Tehran's nuclear activities.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Sarkozy said that changes had to be made around the world.

"Tomorrow's world can no longer resemble yesterday's. Now we all know what catastrophes our obstinate attempts to solve the problems of the 21st century with 20th century ideas and instruments may lead us to."


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  • Lady Sazerac posted:

    on 30th September 2009, 20:59:41 - Reply

    Mr Sarkovy has pegged Barack Obama correctly…naive and arrogant!
    This New Orleans LA life long Democrat hopes that Mr Sarkovy will continue to reveal in public what the usurped former free press of America has refused to do. The free world needs a leader not a 21st century Chamberlin