Sarkozy proposes UN anti-drug fund paid for by seizures

9th May 2011, Comments 0 comments

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested Monday that a global fund be set up under United Nations control to combat drug-trafficking using money seized from convicted narcotics barons.

"This fund would have one purpose: to reinforce the capacity of the most vulnerable states and those most hit by drug-trafficking," he told the opening session of at G8 ministerial-level conference on narcotics smuggling.

"Fighting traffickers is not only locking people up and seizing drugs. It is attacking the first cause of the traffic -- money. We must deprive the narcotraffickers of the profits from their crime," he said.

"We must punish the criminals, not just with lengthy prison terms, but also by confiscating their assets," he told an audience of interior and justice ministers from G8 world powers and countries plagued by the drug trade.

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