Sacked French workers pelt bosses with eggs

16th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

In a protest against the closure of the Continental plant, workers stormed into a meeting room and threw eggs at their managers.

REIMS – Angry French tyre factory workers burst into a management meeting Monday and pelted their bosses with eggs to protest the closure of their plant.

Hundreds of workers from the German firm Continental had travelled by bus from their plant in the northern town of Clairoix to protest outside a hotel in the nearby city of Reims where the meeting was being held.

A small group stormed into the meeting room to attack the managers with eggs, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

Outside other workers hung two dummies, representing their French boss and a German manager, from the front of the building and proceeded to bombard them with eggs and shoes.

Last Thursday, Continental workers had also thrown eggs at managers when closure of their tyre plant, with the loss of 1,210 jobs, was first announced.

It is the biggest single closure announced so far in France since the global crisis took hold.

On Friday, workers held the boss of Sony France hostage overnight before freeing him after he agreed to reopen talks about increasing their redundancy package.

AFP / Expatica

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