Renault number two offered to resign over spy scandal: CEO

14th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Renault boss Carlos Ghosn said on Monday that he had refused an offer by his number two to resign over a scandal involving at least three top managers wrongly sacked for allegedly selling company secrets.

Ghosn told TF1 television that he and his deputy, operations chief Patrick Pelata, would forego their 2010 bonuses and that the French car maker would review its security procedures in the wake of the embarrassing affair.

Ghosn's appearance on prime time television came after Renault earlier apologised to three managers fired for allegedly selling secrets of its key electric car programme to China after it emerged the company may have been the victim of fraud.

Saying the sacked managers could rejoin the company or be compensated, Ghosn added Renault would undertake disciplinary measures against three security managers implicated in the scandal.

Renault officials quickly sacked the three managers in January, saying publicly they had proof they had been selling secrets on the electric technology which is expected to change the car industry.

The French government had branded the affair "economic warfare" and some pointed the finger at China, drawing an angry denial from Beijing.

Ghosn and Pelata said Monday they would meet with the managers concerned as soon as possible and "make reparations" after revelations that the source of information alleging the spying may have been a fraudster.

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