Rebels in west Libya say Kadhafi won't budge

13th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

Libyan rebels in the Nafusa Mountains southwest of the capital said on Wednesday that a peace deal was "impossible" as veteran leader Moamer Kadhafi refuses to step down.

"Up to now it is impossible to get a political solution. Kadhafi wants to stay, the rebels don't want," said Colonel Juma Brahim, head of the rebels' operational command for the region.

"To the last moment Kadhafi is looking for a peace solution because he is weak, all the soldiers and equipment are coming to our side one by one," Brahim told AFP.

He was speaking after French and Libyan officials on Tuesday talked up the chances of negotiating Kadhafi's withdrawal from power and an end to the conflict still wracking the country after months of military stalemate.

Bruma said it was "difficult to understand" the position of France, which has been one of the main players in the NATO-led coalition which has been conducting an air war against Kadhafi's forces.

French aircraft even carried out controversial arms drops to fighters under Bruma's command in recent weeks.

"On one side she helps you, on the other side (she is) talking to the regime of Kadhafi. Politically it is possible but militarily it is not possible," he said.

"They want not to kill civilian people and to get a solution of peace between Kadhafi and us. That would be okay but up to now it is impossible to get a political solution.

"It is good when everything is on one side -- with him or with us."

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