Politicians who divorced in office

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PARIS (AFP) - Some notable divorces involving international heads of state or government:

PARIS (AFP) - Some notable divorces involving international heads of state or government:

Andreas and Margaret Papandreou -- Greece

Papandreou, who was prime minister of Greece from 1981 to 1989 and from 1993 to 1996, obtained a divorce from his American-born wife Margaret in June 1989. He was then 70 and she 65, and they had been married for 38 years.

The year before it had been revealed that Papandreou was having an affair with a 35-year-old former airline hostess, Helen, whom he went on to marry. The affair was in the news during campaigning for the 1989 Greek election, which Papandreou's party lost.

Carlos Menem and Zulema Yoma -- Argentina

The personal life of Carlos Menem, president of Argentina from 1989 to 1999, was particularly stormy; on one occasion he ordered police to lock his Syrian wife Zulema Yoma out of the presidential palace. The couple were divorced in 1992, and their daughter, Zulemita Menem, attended official functions as a stand-in first lady until her father left office.

Alberto Fujimori and Susana Higuchi -- Peru

Fujimori, who was Peru's president from 1990 to 2000, had a bitter divorce while in office from his wife Susana Higuchi, and named his daughter as a stand-in first lady. He stripped his wife of the role in 1994 and they were divorced the following year.

Nelson and Winnie Mandela -- South Africa

South Africa's first post-apartheid president was divorced from his second wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, in 1996. The couple had been married 38 years, 27 of which Nelson Mandela had spent in prison. The anti-apartheid leader had been separated from his wife since 1992; he was elected president in 1994. He has since remarried to Graca Machel, the widow of the late Mozambican president Samora Machel.

Hugo Chavez and Maria Isabel Rodriguez -- Venezuela

Venezuela's outspoken left wing president, Hugo Chavez, got divorced for the second time in 2003 and has not remarried. His second wife, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, a journalist with whom Chavez had a daughter, said that the president was married to "the Bolivarian revolution". She married her tennis coach this year.

Mirek and Pavla Topolanek -- Czech Republic

Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek, 51, separated from his wife Pavla this year and now lives with a young right wing deputy, Lucie Talmanova. The couple have just had a child.


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