Mother of Colombian hostage dreams of meeting grandson

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Clara Rojas said in an interview with French radio that she has "dreamed for years" about meeting her grandson

   PARIS, January 7, 2008 - The mother of Colombian hostage Clara Rojas said
in an interview Saturday with French radio that she has "dreamed for years"
about meeting her grandson Emmanuel, which her daughter's captors have
admitted is in foster care in Bogota.
   A statement from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said
Friday Emmanuel Rojas, whom the rebels earlier claimed was in their custody,
was placed in foster care to protect him from anti-guerrilla operations and
the constant displacements the rebels are forced to make, the Bolivarian News
Agency said on its website.
   The three-year-old boy was born from an allegedly consensual relationship
between Rojas, taken hostage in 2002, and one of her captors.
   "It is a moment I have dreamed about for years," Clara Gonzalez told France
Inter radio.
   She added that she would "love to kiss him, hold him, take him in my
arms..." while realizing it would be difficult to approach a child who has
never known of her.
   She said she realised she must take into consideration the boy's
"condition, his age and the fact that he doesn't know me. But Emmanuel will
always be welcome," she said.
   The statement from the FARC guerrillas about the boy, dated January 2, came
hours after Colombian Attorney General Mario Iguaran said DNA samples taken
from the boy and the family of Clara Gonzalez showed a "very high probability"
that he is indeed the hostage Rojas's son.
   A second round of DNA tests of the little boy being conducted by a Spanish
institute will be available in about a week, the institute's director told the
Correo Gallego newspaper Saturday.
   The rebel's statement confirming that the boy in Bogota is Emmanuel also
appears to give credit to accusations this week that FARC had delayed
releasing the hostages, including the boy's mother, because they discovered
the boy was not in their custody.


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