Kremlin says Sarkozy's charge of Russia's 'brutality' is emotional

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Kremlin says Sarkozy's charge of Russia's 'brutality' is emotional

MOSCOW, Aug 28, 2007 (AFP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy's characterisation of Russia's tactics on the world scene as "brutality" was "a bit emotional," the Kremlin's spokesman said Tuesday.

"We think that giving characteristics of the policies of Russia ... like brutality, President Sarkozy was a bit emotional," Dmitry Peskov told foreign reporters in English.

"We think that on this case the word brutality was a reflection of a very beautiful and emotional French language. In reality, we hope to see understanding from our European partners," Peskov said.

As for Russia's forceful assertiveness in international affairs, "it is not brutality; it is pragmatism," Peskov said.

Sarkozy on Monday called on Russia to renounce the "brutality" with which he said it was asserting itself, and play a more constructive role on the world stage.

"Russia is muscling its way back onto the international scene by playing its cards with a certain brutality in relation to its advantages, notably oil and gas," he said in his first foreign policy speech since taking office in May.


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