'Jetman' makes it over the English Channel

30th September 2008, Comments 0 comments

Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy becomes the first person to 'fly' across the English Channel using a single jet-propelled wing.

Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy (49) succeeded in crossing the English Channel using his homemade jet-propelled wing Friday (26 September), a day after the thrill-seeking pilot cancelled his attempt for the second time due to bad weather.

Rossy leapt from plane more than 2,500 meters (8,800 feet; a mile and a half) off the ground, fired up his jets and made the 35-kilometer (22-mile) trip from Calais in France to Dover in England in about 10 minutes.

The trip across the Channel is meant to trace the route of French aviator Louis Bleriot, the first person to cross the narrow body of water in an airplane 99 years ago.


Rossy completed the stunt using a single jet-propelled wing composed of carbon compounds and running on 4 small jet turbine engines.


This "fusion of man and bird" now has the Grand Canyon in his sights.


Expatica / AP

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