Hungary PM plans new migrant wall along Croatia border

16th September 2015, Comments 0 comments

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban hopes to build a new wall along his country's border with Croatia to keep migrants out, he told French newspaper Le Figaro in an interview to be published Thursday.

After Hungary fenced off its border with Serbia in a bid to shut off a massive influx of refugees and migrants, Orban said people smugglers would simply change their routes and find new ways into the European Union.

"Since they can no longer pass through Hungary, they will change route and go through Romania, probably," Orban told Le Figaro.

"That's why we also decided to build a fence at the Romanian border, along the Mures River. And we will probably build another along the Croatian border. We are following their trail," he said.

"The fact is the migrants keep coming. We managed to stop them at the Hungarian border, but this did not stop the influx itself."

The Hungarian leader reiterated his staunch opposition to any bid to make EU members accept set quotas of refugees, vowing to do "everything I can to oppose it".

Riot police in Hungary -- which has received over 200,000 migrants this year, almost all of them heading to other EU countries -- fired tear gas and sprayed water cannon on Wednesday at huge crowds of migrants desperate to cross the border from Serbia.

Also on Wednesday, the Romanian foreign ministry said it had summoned the Hungarian ambassador to express concern over Budapest's unilateral decision to erect a fence on their shared frontier.

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