Greece out of euro, EU unless approves deal: France

4th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

A French minister warned on Friday that Greece will not only be thrown out of the eurozone but also out of the European Union unless it ratifies an EU debt rescue accord.

"Not to accept the deal is to leave the euro," Minister for European Affairs Jean Leonetti told Europe 1 radio. "For the Greeks not to accept the deal is to leave Europe."

France along with Germany led efforts to clinch a debt rescue package for Greece at an EU summit last week.

Leonetti spoke on the day that the Greek parliament was to hold a confidence vote on embattled Prime Minister George Papandreou's government.

Papandreou had unleashed chaos on the world markets earlier this week when he unexpectedly announced that he would put to a referendum the EU debt deal, which is deeply unpopular in Greece because of required austerity measures.

Papandreou backed down from the referendum call late on Thursday after it infuriated European leaders and sparked a revolt among domestic allies.

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