French tourist eateries get hygiene thumbs-down

15th August 2008, Comments 1 comment

French agriculture ministry says one in four eating outlets in tourist hotspots across France is breaking hygiene rules or serving food unfit for consumption.

15 August 2008

PARIS - One in four cafes, snack bars and seafront restaurants in tourist hotspots across France is breaking hygiene rules or serving food unfit for consumption, the agriculture ministry said Thursday.

French health inspectors visiting some 9,400 food establishments found more than 2,600 to be in breach of at least one hygiene rule, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Michel Barnier told Le Parisien daily.

Warnings were issued for dirty toilets and kitchens and for poor hygiene among staff, while inspection teams carted away 30 tonnes of food unfit to serve from some 550 food shacks and restaurants.

Thirty-seven establishments were shut down altogether, for failing to meet basic hygiene and food conservation rules, and allowing staff to work in dirty clothes, Monique Eloit of the agriculture ministry's food directorate told AFP.

The number of eateries caught in breach of the rules was similar to 2007, but the amount of food seized had more than doubled, she said.

[AFP / Expatica]

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  • R.Garcia posted:

    on 16th August 2008, 20:30:08 - Reply

    The message: stay away from tourist restaurants. However, my sense is that most French restauarants would not pass the US standards for cleaniness. Having said that, the US has too many fast food eateries that result in obesity and other health issues. In our geography, the health department publishes lists of restaurants that fail inspections. Where to go?
    Expat 1999-2004