French rockstar relocates to Britain

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French rockstar relocates to Britain "but not for tax"

French rockstar relocates to Britain "but not for tax"

PARIS, Feb 15, 2007 (AFP) - One of France's best-known rock stars, Renaud, is to relocate to London -- not for tax reasons, but because he loves British life, he said Thursday.

The 54-year-old singer, who is a committed supporter of the political left, told Paris-Match magazine that he and his wife Romane "love the cultural life, the civility of the English, their humour."

"I love the pubs, I love the football, I love the rock music, the culture, the literature, the galleries, the exhibitions, the architecture. There are no cops on the streets of London. Why? Because people are more civilised and more fraternal than in Paris," he said.

Renaud, whose full name is Renaud Sechan, said that he owns a small house in London and plans to put his baby son Malone through the English school system "so that he can speak English fluently from a young age."

He denied that tax considerations played any part in the decision.

"Even if I could pay my taxes in Britain I would not do it. It is in France that I get 80 percent of my income ... I will continue to pay my taxes there, even if I am sorry they go towards new nuclear aircraft-carriers rather than creches and schools," he said.

The rate of taxation for high earners has become a hot issue in France ahead of April's presidential election, after rock star Johnny Hallyday said he is becoming a tax exile in Switzerland.

Renaud had a string of hits in the 70s and 80s, many with hard-hitting social and political themes. He is strongly opposed to France's right-wing presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy who he recently described as a more presentable version of National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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