French man convicted for death threats to Sarkozy's son

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French court convicted a man for issuing death threats by phone to President Nicolas Sarkozy's 10-year-old son.

   PARIS, Feb 26, 2008  - A French court on Monday convicted a man for
issuing death threats by phone to President Nicolas Sarkozy's 10-year-old son
and fined his accomplice for providing him with a mobile phone number.
   A 22-year-old fireman was given a three-month suspended jail sentence for
making the threatening call to Louis Sarkozy after he obtained the number from
his friend who worked for the Orange phone operator.
   The friend, 21, was fined 700 euros (1,038 dollars) for releasing Sarkozy's
phone number from a VIP list last year and the two men were also ordered to
pay one euro in damages to the president and Louis' mother Cecilia.
   Lawyers for Sarkozy and the two defendants requested that their names were
not made public.
   The first calls were made by the fireman last August. The telephone was
registered in Cecilia's name but she had given it to her son.
   On January 5 he called again from a phone stolen from his neighbour and
threatened to kill Louis.
   The fireman told the criminal court in Bobigny outside Paris that he had
called many times "just to see if the number was in fact for the Sarkozys" and
offered apologies to the first family, acknowledging that his actions were
   His friend said he "didn't realise" that the calls would turn into a
serious affair.
   "It appears that the young man did not weigh the consequences of his
actions," said Sarkozy's lawyer Thierry Herzog.
   Prosecutors had requested a six-month suspended sentence for the
22-year-old man and a four-month suspended sentence for his friend. They had
also asked the court to order the two men, from the northern Paris suburbs, to
do community work.
   The president and Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, his second wife, divorced in


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