French limousine firm loses lawsuit against ex-Senegal leader: lawyer

13th January 2014, Comments 0 comments

A French court has rejected a Paris luxury car rental firm's claim against former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade for 350,000 euros in unpaid bills, his lawyer told AFP on Monday.

Accompagnement Service launched the lawsuit in April last year at the High Court of Versailles, arguing the money was owed by Wade for occasions when he had used cars after leaving office.

Wade's lawyer Franck Zeitoun said the court had dismissed the claim on January 7, ruling that "the contract has been concluded with the Senegalese government" rather than Wade and ordering the company to pay costs.

Accompagnement Service owner Olivier Marqueze-Pouey said when he launched the lawsuit that the bills from April to December 2012 "add up to 350,000 euros ($456,000) and it is the equivalent of half our turnover".

"I've lost a lot of money and I have been forced to cut staff," he added.

He said his company was set up in 2003 on the back of an exclusive deal to provide the African leader with transport when he was visiting Paris.

All went well until Wade lost power in 2012 and moved to the French capital, where he was alleged to have continued to use the company's services without paying.

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