French ex-minister accuses colleague of paedophilia

1st June 2011, Comments 0 comments

A Moroccan children's rights group said Wednesday it has lodged a complaint after a French former minister refused to name another former minister he publicly accused of committing paedophilia in Morocco.

During a chat show on French broadcaster Canal Plus Monday, former education minister Luc Ferry accused another French former minister of having paedophiliac relations in Morocco, saying he had been told this by "the highest authorities", including a prime minister.

"There's this story about a former minister who got caught at an orgy with little boys in Marrakesh," said Ferry during the television program. "We all know who I'm talking about," he added without naming the person involved.

"Mr. Ferry has to assume his legal responsibility and the accusations that he made in a public program," said Najia Adib, president of "Hands off My Children", a Moroccan children's rights group.

The group's lawyer, Yassine Krari, said both Moroccan and French legislation allowed for criminal inquests based only on someone's stated knowldege of a crime.

"Morocco can investigate a crime based on Mr. Ferry's allegations" she said. "He will have to tell France and Morocco his knowledge of the facts."

The lawyer said she was filing the complaint in Morocco and reserved the right to do so in France.

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