French deaths in Afghanistan

13th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

A total of 69 French soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan since late 2001, including five in a suicide bomb attack in the eastern province of Kapisa on Wednesday.

Here is a breakdown of French deaths year by year:

2004: Three soldiers die in traffic accidents.

2005: Two die, one of whom kills himself and the other in a mine explosion.

2006: Six dead from Taliban gunfire and failed demining operations.

2007: Three die in a Taliban attack, an accident and suicide attack in Kabul.

2008: Eleven dead, of whom 10 killed in a Taliban ambush in the Uzbin valley, east of Kabul. The incident is the most deadly for the French army since a bomb attack that killed 58 French soldiers in Beirut in 1983.

2009: Eleven die, including three following the explosion of a bomb as their armoured vehicle passed on September 4 and three others during a nighttime operation during a violent storm on September 27. The five others die during clashes with the Taliban and in accidents.

2010: Sixteen die due to ambushes, incendiary devices, Taliban fire, accident and suicide.

2011: Seventeen deaths, including five in a suicide attack on July 13 in the eastern province of Kapisa.

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