French court refuses to block taxi app UberPOP

12th December 2014, Comments 0 comments

A French court Friday rejected a bid by taxi companies to have Uber's amateur car service UberPop banned.

The commercial court in Paris ruled that a new law making it harder for Uber drivers to solicit business could not be enforced until the government had published full details of the restrictions.

San Francisco-based Uber is giving the US and European taxi industries a run for their money by hooking up drivers and passengers through a cellphone application.

UberPOP, which uses non-professional drivers using their own cars to take on passengers at budget rates, has 160,000 users in France, according to the company.

In October, a French court fined Uber 100,000 euros for presenting UberPOP as a car-pooling scheme.

Uber has maintained the service, pending the outcome of its appeal.

Friday's ruling in the commercial court was a boost for the company, as it battles lawsuits in several countries.

This week, it was banned from operating in Spain. Authorities in Denmark and Norway have also filed complaints against Uber.

The company argues that banning its service violates the practice of free enterprise and the principle of equality. The Paris commercial court referred those complaints to an appeals court.

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