French bullfight organiser badly gored

25th August 2009, Comments 2 comments

A young 500 kilo bull jumped on and gored a French bullfight organiser on Sunday in southern France.

Carcassonne – A French bullfight organiser was badly gored when a young, 500 kilo bull jumped into the safety corridor around the arena during a bout, his colleagues said Monday.

Christian Baile, the 55-year-old "alguazil" or overseer at the Carcassonne bullring in southern France, was wounded in the chest and stomach on Sunday during the "novillada", a series of fights involving young bulls.

On Monday he was being treated in Carcassonne hospital's intensive care unit, where his condition was regarded as worrying, doctors said.

The second bull of the day, a grey Spanish specimen from the notoriously aggressive Miura stock, jumped into the "callejon" or safety corridor between the arena and the stands, landing on Baile and wounding him in the leg.

After being driven from the corridor once, the bull jumped back in. Already injured, the three-year veteran alguazil was unable to escape and he was run down and gored several times in the torso, witnesses said.

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  • Zagama posted:

    on 25th August 2009, 18:26:23 - Reply

    IDIOT!!!! What did he expect???? Kisses???? I say Gore them all!
  • sybilla leach posted:

    on 25th August 2009, 14:21:18 - Reply

    good news. one less responsible for torturing animals, one hopes.