French attacker was on US 'terror' watchlist: report

13th January 2015, Comments 2 comments

A suspect accused of killing four people in a supermarket siege outside Paris last week had been on a US terror watchlist, CNN reported Monday.

Amedy Coulibaly, who is suspected of taking hostages and slaying four Jewish shoppers at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket to the east of the city, had been on a US terror database "for a while," a law enforcement official told CNN.

The US network said Coulibaly was on the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE), the government's central repository that includes about one million names.

Coulibaly likely received help from others, including two brothers suspected of shooting dead 12 people at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo last week.

US officials said after the attack that the brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, had been on a US terror watchlist "for years."

French police say Coulibaly gunned down a policewoman in the suburb of Montrouge and may have shot a jogger on the outskirts of Paris before the bloody supermarket siege.

In a video posted online Sunday, a man identifying himself as Coulibaly claims responsibility for the Montrouge attack in the name of the Islamic State group, and says he "coordinated" his actions with the Kouachi brothers.

Coulibaly and the brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre were killed Friday by police in a dramatic climax to two hostage dramas after three days of terror in the heart of France.

Coulibaly was a repeat criminal offender also convicted for extremist activity.

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  • McBearsNY posted:

    on 13th January 2015, 06:56:28 - Reply

    Whenever searching dead muslim fighters (USArmy Iraq) we would know if they were from Europe because we would always find European welfare documentation and a new koran
  • markjuliansmith posted:

    on 13th January 2015, 11:36:43 - Reply

    "French attacker was on US 'terror' watchlist: report". And? Leaving the management of political terrorists in the hands of the very same fellow adherent 'moderates'. who are derived from exactly the same codex is the same as having a wayward SS Nazi out into the community to be managed by his Nazi family - it is going to work? The 'few'/'moderate' paradigm has failed.