France's deadliest train disasters in the past 30 years

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France suffered its first fatal TGV accident in three decades on Saturday, when at least 10 people were killed and dozens injured as one of the high-speed trains derailed during a test run.

Here is a list of France's worst railway disasters in the past 30 years.

- August 8, 2015: Three people are killed when a regional train hits a car in northwestern France, dragging the burning vehicle several hundred metres.

- April 21, 2015: Some 30 people are injured when a passenger train carrying 350 people slams into a truck on its way out of Paris to the eastern town of Belfort.

- July 17, 2014: Forty people are injured, four seriously, in a collision between a high-speed TGV and a regional train near the southwest French city of Pau.

- January 8, 2014: Two dead and eight injured as a tourist train derails after being struck by a falling boulder in Digne-les-Bains in southeast France.

- July 12, 2013: Seven people are killed and dozens injured when a train derails as it passes through a station at Bretigny-sur-Orge, about 25 kilometres (15 miles) south of Paris.

- June 2, 2008: Seven pupils are killed and 25 people injured when a passenger train linking Evian-les-Bains and Geneva hits a school bus at a level crossing near the town of Allinges, in the French Alps.

- October 11, 2006: Six people are killed and 23 injured when a passenger train collides with a freight train in Zoufftgen, in northeastern France.

- November 6, 2002: Twelve people are killed when a night train linking Paris and Vienna catches fire near the eastern city of Nancy.

- September 8, 1997: Thirteen people are killed and 43 others injured when a passenger train ploughs into a fuel truck at a level crossing in the village of Port-Sainte-Foy in southwestern France, sparking a huge explosion and fire.

- September 22, 1995: Five people are killed when a train collides with a car at a level crossing in the southern town of Agde.

- December 1, 1993: Four people are killed and four others are seriously injured after a teenager placed a piece of metal on the tracks, causing a train to derail in the northern village of Saint-Leu-d'Esserent.

- October 17, 1991: Sixteen people are killed and 55 others are injured when a car-sleeper train collides with a freight train at a station in Melun, southeast of Paris.

- November 7, 1988: Nine people are killed and 13 others injured when a Luxembourg-Paris express train crashes into a track motor car and derails in the eastern town of Ay because of a signalling error.

- June 27, 1988: Fifty-six people are killed and almost as many are injured when a commuter train crashes into a stationary train at Paris's Gare de Lyon terminal.

- August 31, 1985: Forty-three people are killed and 37 are injured when a train derails after colliding with another train in the central town of Argenton-sur-Creuse.

- August 3, 1985: Thirty-two people are killed and more than 160 injured when two trains collide, partly due to human error, near the southwestern town of Figeac.

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