France's Starck designs garden-friendly wind turbine

28th January 2010, Comments 1 comment

Frenchman Philippe Starck designed a mini-wind turbine that can be installed in gardens, on street furniture or on a boat.

Rome – Italian energy component maker Pramac announced on Wednesday the launch of a mini-wind turbine called "Revolutionair" designed by Frenchman Philippe Starck.

The turbine, intended to be installed in people's gardens, comes in two models, rectangular and whisk-shaped.

The rectangular turbine, which measures 90 centimetres (three feet) without its support stand, will produce 400 watts and will have a price-tag of at least EUR 2,500 in Italy.

The whisk-shaped turbine measures 1.45 metres, will yield one kilowatt and will cost EUR 3,500.

Unlike larger turbines, Revolutionair turbines are "independent from the wind direction and can take advantage of turbulence, besides being extremely quiet," Pramac said.

They can be installed in gardens, on street furniture or on a boat, the company said.

Starck, a leader in the New Design style, presented a prototype of the mini-turbine in 2008 in Milan, Italy's northern industrial hub.

"I have always wanted to design an invisible turbine with the goal of making something everyone would want," Starck, 61, said in a statement.

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  • dawn lyde posted:

    on 28th January 2010, 12:01:15 - Reply

    get it out there, get it manufactured on mass, and get the price to everyones reach. we need cheaper affordable options and we need them now!