France pushes through key economic reforms without vote

France pushes through key economic reforms without vote

17th February 2015, Comments 0 comments

France's prime minister on Tuesday decided to push a key package of economic reforms through parliament without a vote, in an emergency move that could spark a confidence vote in the government.

"I won't take any risks," Manuel Valls told deputies, as the government struggled to win a parliamentary majority over the hotly contested reforms.

"This legislation is important, even essential, to relaunch growth, create employment, to overcome certain blockages in our economy," he said.

The bill is considered as having passed unless the parliament votes through a motion of no-confidence in the government -- which analysts see as highly unlikely.

A significant rump of leftist rebels in the ruling Socialists had vowed to vote against the bill or abstain, as they see the reforms as too pro-business.

"I won't take a risk with a bill like this which I consider essential for our economy," Valls told deputies.

The right-wing opposition UMP party has already vowed to table a vote of no-confidence but political analysts say it is highly unlikely that the rebel Socialists will choose to bring down the government and risk their own seats over the reforms.

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