France and Britain seek 'bold and ambitious' Libya measures

3rd March 2011, Comments 0 comments

France and Britain want to put "bold and ambitious measures" to next week's emergency European Union summit on the Libyan crisis, British Foreign Minister William Hague said on Thursday.

Following talks with French counterpart Alain Juppe on ways to stop Moamer Kadhafi suppressing a revolt against his rule, Hague said: "Today we discussed how Britain and France will do everything we can to increase the pressure.

"We also agreed the international community including us and other partners will continue to plan for different contingencies, including a no-fly zone, to ensure that we can respond swiftly and resolutely to the events in Libya."

"I don't see any difference between France, Britain and the United States," he said. "Anything like a no-fly zone must be legal, must be strongly supported internationally, with the participation of many different countries."

"That is the responsible thing to do," he said.

Juppe stressed that Arab and African governments should also get involved in any measures aimed at stemming Kadhafi's ability to use his air force to quell the protests against his regime that have been raging for more than two weeks.

"In any case it could not be only the participation of some Western countries, we need absolutely the participation of some regional governments," Juppe told journalists in Paris.

Hague, stood alongside Juppe, said: "What we want to see is an end to violence, to the bloodshed in Libya and the vigorous implementation of the sanctions and measures that have been agreed."

"I continue to hold the view that the speediest way to bring about an end to the bloodshed is for Colonel Kadhafi to leave," he added, while warning that if the Libyan leader clings on he may face military action.

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