Four more arrested in Argentina tourist killings

7th August 2011, Comments 1 comment

Authorities arrested four people Saturday as part of an investigation into the shooting deaths of two Frenchwomen in northwestern Argentina, the judge working the case said.

Judge Martin Perez told AFP those detained included three men and a woman, and they are due to testify on Monday. He declined to provide further details.

The bodies of French university students Houria Moumni, 24, and Cassandre Bouvier, 29, were found last week on a trail in an area overlooking the provincial capital of Salta.

"Along with the arrests, they have seized evidentiary materials related to the double homicide that were considered important," investigators said in a statement.

El Tribuno de Salta newspaper said the arrests were made following five simultaneous raids had been conducted in and around San Lorenzo, the area where the two women's bodies were found.

It said those arrested included a 24-year-old policeman, his wife and his 44-year-old father in law.

Police seized the detainees' phones, a digital camera and clothing that belonged to the young French tourists, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the victims' bodies have been flown to Buenos Aires where they await repatriation to France.

Two witnesses have told investigators they heard gunshots on July 16 in the part of the nature preserve where the bodies were found.

One of the women was shot in the head and apparently sexually abused. The other was shot in the back.

Investigators have taken DNA evidence from the bodies, including hair samples thought to be of the culprit and traces of semen from the victim who was said to have been sexually abused.

Sources close to the investigation said they expected to determine the exact time of death in 10 days, data considered key to determining whether they were held captive before being killed.

The women had arrived at the nature preserve on July 15 and their bodies were found two weeks later.

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    Argentina is a civilized country??about their police?