Formula One: Hamilton banned for speeding

19th December 2007, Comments 0 comments

Hamilton banned from driving in France for speeding, a French police spokesman confirmed.

    REIMS, France, December 18, 2007 - Formula One star Lewis Hamilton has
been banned from driving in France for speeding, a French police spokesman
confirmed on Tuesday.
   The 22-year-old Briton, who finished runner-up in the world drivers'
championship in his debut season this year, has been banned for a month after
being caught speeding at 196km/h (122mph) in a Mercedes by police on a
motorway near the northern town of Laon.
   The speed limit on French motorways is 130km/h (85mph).
   "He admitted the offence immediately and was really very polite," the
police spokesman said, adding that Hamilton had said in his defence that the
motorway was "very clear" at the time.
   "It's a section of motorway which is used regularly by foreigners who have
a tendancy to speed," the spokesman added.
   The McLaren driver, who was also ordered to pay a 600 euro (865 dollar)
fine, will appear before a court in Laon in January.
   The car which was impounded was collected Monday by a friend of the driver.
   "McLaren were made aware that Lewis was stopped for speeding in France
whilst driving in a private capacity," a spokesman for the British-team, based
in Woking, south of London, told the Press Association.
   "We understand he has received a mandatory fine and suspension from driving
in France for one month."

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