European MPs worried about fate of Iran dissidents in Iraq

14th April 2011, Comments 1 comment

European parliamentarians on Thursday urged the United States and the United Nations to help protect residents of a camp housing Iranian dissidents in Iraq, which witnessed a deadly assault by government forces.

A statement signed by more than 100 members of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe also called on the European Union to demand "the immediate withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Camp Ashraf."

"The United Nations must permanently monitor the situation in the camp to prevent violations of the rights of residents," the statement added.

Iraq has ordered the exiled Iranian opposition group People's Mujahedeen of Iran to leave the country by the end of this year after the weekend assault at Camp Ashraf base on April 8.

The statement quoted a spokesman for the People's Mujahedeen, Shahria Kia, as saying "34 people were killed, including eight women, and more than 300 wounded" in the raid.

An Iraqi security official said at least three people were killed last Friday when Iraqi forces clashed with the Iranian opposition group.

The United States said Tuesday it was ready to help Iraq find a negotiated plan for Camp Ashraf in which the dissidents there could "conceivably" end up in a third country.

Washington has also urged the authorities in Baghdad to allow UN officials to visit Camp Ashraf to determine what happened during the assault and how many people were killed.

The People's Mujahedeen, a left-wing and Islamic movement, was founded in 1965 in opposition to the shah of Iran and has subsequently fought to oust the clerical regime that took power in Tehran after Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution.

The group set up Camp Ashraf in the 1980s -- when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime was at war with the Islamic republic -- as a base to operate against Tehran. It was disarmed following the US-led invasion of 2003.

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  • Esther Haman posted:

    on 21st April 2011, 23:36:24 - Reply

    Why Should Al-Maliki allow his country to be used as a staging area and a springboard for attacks against his neighbor Iran as Saddam Hussain did? Or why should Iran not to exert pressure on Iraq to not allow these murderous group to attack her territory! What is relevant here is the security of these two nations. But, what is obvious is that we are the one who is pushing for mayhem and more blood shed. So, the question is, why are we being so adamant to start a new war? Who is pushing us and who is benefiting from it?!

    Camp Ashraf is nothing but a den of traitors and terrorist. Al-Maliki knows it, Iran knows it and we know it. We should never get involve in protecting people who have a well documented history of killing American and others to achieve their fascist and fanatical goals. we made that mistake in 1953 and we are suffering the backlash of it now.

    The "MKO" is a communist organization who's goal is to take control of Iran and set up a fascist communist government in any form and fashion. They do not care with whom they make a deal with, Saddam Hussain of Iraq or B. Obama of US or the devil himself. Power is the only objective for them.

    Through out their history of operation they have claimed themselves to be the next KING and Queen of Persia to the next communist leader "Mao" and neither one has bought them any support in Iran.

    The Iranian Nation is very well aware of their complexity with Saddam Hussain of Iraq and that in itself has washed away any support that they claim in Iran. The mothers and fathers who's kids were killed in that war still remember who betrayed their kids.

    So, on what basis we are going to compromise our values for these murderous fanatics?!