Church of Scientology to be tried in France for fraud

8th September 2008, Comments 1 comment

Legal sources said the Church of Scientology will be tried in a French court for organised fraud and illegally prescribing drugs.

8 September 2008

PARIS -- The controversial Church of Scientology will be tried in a French court for "organised fraud" and seven of its members for illegally prescribing drugs, legal sources said Monday.

The charges stem from a case taken by a woman who said she paid the church more than EUR 20,000 for lessons, books, drugs and an "electrometer," a device which the church says can measure a person's mental state.

She allegedly made the payments after being approached by Scientologists in a Paris street in 1998.

The case to be examined at a still-unknown date by the Paris court is also being taken by another plaintiff and by France's professional pharmaceutical association.

Founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, the church, which has attracted Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, was officially recognised as a religion there nearly 20 years later.

It is often accused in France and in other European countries, including Belgium, Germany and Greece, of exploiting its members financially.

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  • EDD posted:

    on 8th September 2008, 15:57:00 - Reply

    What your article omitted three points which no doubt many others will choose to omit.

    FIRSTLY, the woman concerned was refunded per the Scientology refund policy so how can she have been defrauded.

    SECONDLY, the public prosecutor said the case should be shelved.

    THIRDLY, it was the Judge in a rather unusual move decided to order the trial despite the prosecutor’s recommendation.

    In addition, how could someone be charged with prescribing drugs unless permitted vitamins are now classified as prescribed drugs.