Cannes closer is call to arms on climate change

23rd May 2015, Comments 63 comments

The Cannes Film Festival's closing film on Saturday was a call to arms to tackle climate change featuring the scientific pioneer who spent decades in Antarctica proving the existence of global warming.

"I used to be pessimistic, but I think people are changing," said Claude Lorius, the 91-year-old French scientist whose groundbreaking research on ice cores proved the link between greenhouse gases and global temperatures.

His story is told in the documentary "Ice and the Sky", featuring footage from his earliest missions in the 1950s through to the present day.

Lorius carried out 22 expeditions -- some lasting as long as a year -- in Antarctica, where he helped pioneer the drilling and examining of ice cores, gathering climatic data going back more than 400,000 years.

One of his key insights, described in the film, came from drinking whisky one day with colleagues. Watching ice crack in the glass made him realise he could extract ancient air bubbles from the ice samples they were collecting.

"I'd already had a bit to drink, otherwise I wouldn't have had this brilliant idea, this brainstorm," Lorius told reporters after the screening. "It took many years to put the ideas into practice."

Director Luc Jacquet said the world had made "fundamental progress" in understanding the problem of climate change.

"When Claude published his paper 30 years ago, the concept didn't even exist, it was hard to drum this idea into people's minds," said Jacquet.

"But people are now aware of the problem and impatient to see results."

Lorius said he was looking forward to progress at the next global climate conference being held in Paris in December.

"We expect a lot from the conference, it could really change things," he said.

"I deeply believe that if everyone tackles these issues, they will cease to be problems. They can be a source of tremendous creativity."

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  • SirDiesAlot posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:53:39 - Reply

    The ice core samples in fact "proved the link between greenhouse gases and global temperatures". Unfortunately for the alarmists the chronology had to be reversed to depict their narrative. That is the cores demonstrate that temperature increase precedes the rise in CO2.
  • Mikey posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:56:02 - Reply

    Globull Warming.
  • HillarysWrinkles posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 18:09:52 - Reply

    Global warming is real.

    Bigfoot, yeti, and dinosaurs are now extinct as a result.

    We're all gonna die.

    That is all.
  • MolonLabe posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 18:33:43 - Reply

    The priests of this age, those demanding sacrosanct sacrifice and penance to unseen "forces in the sky", wear white lab coats.

    Anthropogenic Climate Change is anti-human religion.
  • douseyfachem posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 19:15:18 - Reply

    Bigfoot is a much greater concern.
  • KaptainKanada posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 19:23:50 - Reply

    This is a scam: the actual evidence of ice cores shows the opposite of that quack's claims. The Global Warmites are desperate as their con game is no longer believed by the majority of people.
  • Jimbino posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 20:03:33 - Reply

    Is any scientist but me pointing to the obvious link between climate change and incessant human breeding?
  • JC posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 21:23:49 - Reply

    just one problem frenchie frenchie guy.... greenhouse gases are a RESPONSE to warming, not the cause. IT IS THE SUN!!!
  • FredBeloit posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 21:39:26 - Reply

    War going on, ISIS specifically threatens U.S.A. Our science ignorant President is concerned about global warming. However, global warming isn't observable on the continent od North America, Therefore, global warming can't be 'global' now can it?
  • icetrout posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 22:32:58 - Reply

    pseudo-science @ it's worst... Flash-Snow in New England this weekend... start of New Ice Age ???
  • Langley posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 22:41:23 - Reply

    His research showed a link between CO2 and a rise in temperature. The temperature rose BEFORE the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere!
  • GIJoe posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 22:48:37 - Reply

    And how is taxing us going to stop the earth from doing what it is going to do? We need a good 40 days and 40 nights of rain to get rid of all the global chicken littles.
  • dieter posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 00:16:10 - Reply

    Sounds like Cannes is just a big meeting of propaganda ministers.
  • Sonja posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 00:18:18 - Reply

    The Call to DO Something is a dangerous one. Politicians are not qualified to Do Anything, and 'Doing Something ' can really hurt the worlds poor and emerging nations that depend on energy. China is desperately trying to clean the air, so they are now heavily looking into fracking. Higher energy costs by way of carbon taxing hurt the working poor, and the TAXES are misused. Why anyone would think that Humans are capable of Doing ANYTHING that won't screw something else up in the interim is mind boggling. The rivers and lakes are cleaner in the First World than they ever have been since the Industrial Revolution. While GMO's , meant with the great intention of feeding the world are doing more damage than good. And who pays? The worlds poor. Scientists of the IPCC have written letters to the World's Governments asking them NOT TO enact political change, because they admit, they just don't know enough about it yet, and if their calculations are Wrong, it could effect too many of the world's poor who need energy for simple cooking and heating. It's mind boggling that we humans think we can do 'something' to change a delicately balanced global climate system, without screwing something else up in the interim. Especially if it's left to Politicians. their track record is Abysmal.
  • Alcheson posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 00:39:51 - Reply

    Yes, and just what did the Ice Cores show? Why they showed that CO2 increase FOLLOWED rise in temperature, not the other way around as this article wants you to believe. As the earth warmed naturally, CO2 was released from the oceans as warm water holds less CO2 than cold.
  • johngalt posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 15:34:09 - Reply

    this is all part of the full spectrum attack on truth by a globalist cabal of liars
  • FelixdeKatt posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 15:37:05 - Reply

    "I'd already had a bit to drink, otherwise I wouldn't have had this brilliant idea"

    Uh, yup.
  • LeeShurly posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 15:44:20 - Reply

    The ice cores he drilled proved that global warming caused CO2 to be released from the ocean into the air and that CO2 is a result, not a cause of global warming. The ice cores also proved that the earth warms and cools on 7 or more earth, moon, sun, solar system and galaxy cycles.
  • SoCALMIKE posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 15:48:43 - Reply

    Everybody worship the environment god. And if you don't we're perfectly willing to force her down your throats. That's what "Climate Change" is all about.
  • RCAIN3375 posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 15:51:36 - Reply

    Nope, don't buy "man made" climate change for one minute. Anyone with half a brain who looks at this topic with an open mind can see this. I have been able to change the minds of a few dozen people on this topic and they in turn, are now doing the same. You should do the same. Climate Change is a HOAX.
  • JoeEinSunnySoCal posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 16:06:47 - Reply

    And after that, they'll climb into their gas-guzzling limos to hop aboard their emissions-spewing private jets and head home after kicking Mother Earth in the face one humongous carbon footprint.
  • Lee posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 16:08:33 - Reply

    It's amusing how the more definitively AGW is proven to be a total fraud, the more desperately and vocally it's worshipers promote it.
  • Aleric posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 16:17:45 - Reply

    More Global Warming BS by people who spend billions wasting money on clothes, private planes and mansions while telling the working poor to do with less.
  • dalyrymple posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:19:19 - Reply

    It's a socialist Hoax, folks.....don't follow that herd...
  • Nunya posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:30:22 - Reply

    Um no, he hasn't proven a thing, sorry. There is no global warming.
  • Idiotsandfools posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:35:54 - Reply

    the GW is coming from the typical Hollywood left, thar does not know the difference between weather and climate. The science ( and I use the term loosely) in this article is ludicrous. Oh, 30 years ago, we we discussion the consensus of the next ice age!
  • RS posted:

    on 23rd May 2015, 17:41:50 - Reply

    Yep, the usual suspects yammering about the fake science. Get your snow shoes!
  • JN posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 01:52:10 - Reply

    Climate change communications is a real issue. Cannes is made up of elites who won heated pools and jet around the world. Nothing could be worse than having them carry the message.
  • williampenn posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 02:01:54 - Reply

    "...senior environmental official at the UN, Noel Brown, says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by the year 2000."
    --San Jose Mercury News, June 30, 1989

    "There could be as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global temperature rise of 36 degrees or more."
    -UN Panel on Climate Change, May 3, 2007

    "...two kilometers down in most places it's several million degrees..."
    --Al Gore, on the Tonight Show, November, 2009

    "The best scientists in the world know climate change is happening."
    --Barack Obama, May 20, 2015
  • OrkasEatSeals posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 02:35:01 - Reply

    This is absolutely alarming! The climate IS NOT the same as it was 400,000 years ago? Was this "change" cause by Australia's Low Pitha Scenes?
  • Ron posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 02:57:01 - Reply

    Climate and weather are synonyms, that means they mean the same thing. The weather has always changed and no amount of tax increases will stop it. Why would you want the weather to stay the same anyway?
  • Robert posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:01:07 - Reply

    It doesn't change the fact that countless vultures/politicians are pushing so called climate change "solutions" to fill their pockets with taxe payers money, as usual.

    Please, tell me, since when most politicians care about ecology ?
    "EU dropped pesticide laws due to US pressure over TTIP, documents reveal "

    At political level, climate change is just another scam/money grabbing system, nothing more, nothing less.

    So, for me, like for many others, it's a fnck you when it comes to it, simple as that.

  • Cpm posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:06:21 - Reply

    Profundity from a 91 year old French boozer.
  • sandy posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:22:43 - Reply

    This "Climate Change". This push toward socialism, is evil.
  • Ozzone posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:43:00 - Reply

    Of course it was. We don't care. At least the millions of us that haven't fallen for the scam.
  • Guest posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:33:20 - Reply

    (1) Nuclear energy is NOT carbon-emission-free. Nuclear power plants release 90 %u2013 140 g of CO2 per kwh. AND, each nuclear power plant releases massive amounts of Carbon-14 which is CONVERTED TO CO2 in the atmosphere!

    Nuclear Energy = Carbon-14 = CO2 = Climate Change

    (2) Nuclear power plants also release dangerous radiation into the air and water during their daily operations.

    This radiation is linked to all kinds of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, miscarriages, thyroid problems, leukemia, the list goes on and on
    per HOUR.

    (3) During refueling, nuclear power plants can release up to 1,000X the amount of radiation, and Dr. Ian Fairlie believes this is what causes the increases in childhood leukemias around nuclear power plants.

    To learn more, go to the highly recommended website Enenews dot com
  • Jeremy posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 03:57:13 - Reply

    I'll just wait to watch the movies from Cannes. Usually just a bunch of rubbish. If the megarich really cared they would have travelled by by diesel seafare, but no they took private jets.

    Bite me Leo. 3pm by the flagpole.
  • Mike posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 04:00:21 - Reply

    Global Warming has replaced God as the liberal religion.
  • Malc posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 04:38:13 - Reply

    This poor old scientist remains oblivious to the ridiculous idea of manmade climate change. Retire and count your blessings
  • BenDover posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 05:32:54 - Reply

    Wow, are they STILL trying to milk this nonsense?
  • BobBingham posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 07:21:04 - Reply

    Its good to see some media coverage for climate change at such a major event. We are in deep trouble with the climate and need to act quickly.
  • LustyInfant posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 08:37:59 - Reply

    Follow the grant money
  • Charles posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 09:35:10 - Reply

    Lorius, Go to china and russia and tell them to shut down their industry for global warming, They refuse and run their industry harder while we shut down ours.
  • Dean posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 12:08:31 - Reply

    The global elites in cooperation with certain governments are affecting the weather through the use of HAARP and chem trails which pump barium and aluminum into the atmosphere. That's about the extent of man's deleterious affect on the weather. Meanwhile the magnetic north pool is migrating into Siberia, the earth's orbit around the sun is changing, our sun is changing it's behavior and our solar system is migrating in a sine wave curve above and below the plane of the milky way galaxy which alters the whobble of earth's axis. All of our near by planets are seeing rising temperature changes of their north poles. These are uncontrollable astronomical affects out of man's control. Carbon dioxide has nothing, nada, zilch to do with our climate change. If you think it does, you are a misguided loon.
  • Rob posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 13:26:44 - Reply

    "I'd already had a bit to drink, otherwise I wouldn't have had this brilliant idea, this brainstorm," Lorius told reporters after the screening. "It took many years to put the ideas into practice." And that says it all right there.
  • Sandor66 posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 13:30:50 - Reply

    Yay, more propaganda films. How about art instead?
  • randy posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 14:36:21 - Reply

    Climate change is as normal as elephant farts. Saying 'global warming' is something different than normal climate change fluctuations over hundreds or thousands of years is idiotic....especially if the French are involved somehow.
  • Cynic posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 15:32:49 - Reply

    If the entertainment industry were serious about climate change - particularly if it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels - it would shut down immediately. The true footprint of entertainment, something either the Earth nor humans actually needs, is enormous. Without the entertainment industry, think of the billions upon billions of tons of carbon that would never be released into the atmosphere.
  • phil posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 15:40:55 - Reply

    Ah, a religious film.
  • mike posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 15:43:55 - Reply

    Manmade global warming was disproved years ago. The theory said that the Earth's temperature was getting EXPONENTIALLY warmer. We now know that's not the case from real world temperature data.
  • DonWhitmore posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 15:46:31 - Reply

    The article did not state how large his grants are to "research" GW...therefore I find his statements trivial, elementary and disingenuous.
  • Shootit posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 15:49:48 - Reply

    What kind of Arms? Who is your enemy? A Volcano? The Sun? Just another drunk liberal.
  • RedRyderz posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 16:16:45 - Reply

    Then everyone hopped in their limousines, cruised to the airport and climbed aboard their private jets for a trip around the globe in time for their next party.
  • Moses posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 16:17:28 - Reply

    Enough already.
  • crankinhank posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 16:57:26 - Reply

    Maybe the visitors to Cannes could ride their bikes or carpool next year. As long as they fly in their private jets, they have no credibility,
  • rktman posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 17:05:59 - Reply

    Please answer the following:

    1. Define the correct temperature range for the planet.

    2. Define the correct humidity range for the planet.

    3. Define the correct mean sea level for the planet%u2019

    4. Define the correct amount of precipitation for the planet.

    5. Define the correct makeup of the atmosphere.

    6. Define the correct amount of sea ice at the N/S poles.

    7. Define/explain past glaciation and subsequent warming without any input from humans.

    Les crickets, non?

  • rainwashed posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 17:48:34 - Reply

    18 years without global warming, yet the alarmists still insist it is real.
  • tom posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 18:01:55 - Reply

    Yes, we know about the ice cores from Vostok (back 400,000 years) but surprising he doesn't review Dome-C cores. And yes, this planet does indeed show clearly the glacial-interglacial cycle happening over and over again. So yes, global warming (interglacial periods) viewed back 700,000 years ago. But please don't try to imply that humans were the cause of that!
  • denno posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 18:14:21 - Reply

    the ice sheet is expanding in antarctica, the polar bear population is booming, the hockey stick graph predicting increasing temps is a lie, the earth is not warming but cooling. climate change is a political movement designed for political control based on garbage science. it is b***s***. do some research and stop being useful i*****.

  • maroon posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 19:10:29 - Reply

    It's a shame that these anti science actors and such, get to influence so many with their denying of science that shows this whole AGW meme is false.
    They should stick to movie making and stop trying to peddle their failed world view.
  • LINDA posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 19:46:00 - Reply

    Ah, more dictates from the world's spoiled class in their luxury jets telling the rest of us how to live...Communism is the only thing these people are impatient for. They care nothing for the struggles of the working class. We need to boycott their business, not spend a dime. How will you pay for those jets, then?
  • Daverino posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 19:50:14 - Reply

    Made up hocus pocus.
  • PoliticalHostage posted:

    on 24th May 2015, 19:52:29 - Reply

    Wow. A bunch of limousine liberals want the established of us to bow to carbon taxes. What a surprise.