Bullet in threat letter for Sarkozy

6th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

The letter for President Nicolas Sarkozy containing a large calibre hunting bullet was discovered in a mail sorting station.

Paris – French authorities have intercepted a threatening letter containing a large calibre hunting bullet addressed to President Nicolas Sarkozy, officials said Wednesday.
French anti-terror police have opened an investigation after the letter was discovered Tuesday in a mail sorting station in the southern city of Montpellier.

The threat appears to be the latest in a series of such warnings sent to right-wing personalities in recent years, apparently by a lone left-wing extremist or a group, according to investigators.

In the letter, the author warns the "old guard" in Sarkozy's ruling UMP party that an "accident" might befall them.

A man from the southern city of Montpellier was arrested in 2007 after a series of letters signed by an unknown group – "The Combatants of Cell 34" – were sent to Sarkozy and several of his political allies.

The suspect, an unemployed computer programmer and military reservist, was later released after someone proclaiming himself to be the true letter writer sent details of the bullets used in previous threats to his lawyer.

The writer or writers demand a halt to France's expulsion of illegal immigrants and the release from prison of Jean-Marc Rouillan, the leader of the armed leftist group Action Directe, among others.

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