At Harry's Bar in Paris, Obama wins informal poll

4th November 2008, Comments 0 comments

Paris’s popular tourist destination holds an informal opinion poll during the US presidential election.

4 November 2008

PARIS - If the informal opinion poll at Harry's New York Bar in Paris is a reliable indicator, as it usually is, Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

On Monday, one day before polling at Harry's Bar closes, the Democratic candidate was leading by 248 to 154 votes, or 61.6 to 38.4 percent, over his opponent, Republican John McCain.

Since Harry's initiated a month-long presidential opinion poll of its patrons in 1924, the results were wrong only twice, with Jimmy Carter's election in 1976 and the re-election of George W Bush in 2004.

On a recent afternoon it was difficult to find a McCain supporter at Harry's Bar, which became a tourist destination since its founding in 1911 and is generally credited with inventing the Bloody Mary.

Robert Blake, a photographer and educator from New York who voted for Obama, said he wanted to see the Democrat emerge the winner of "an honest election".

"I'm not convinced it will be honest," Blake said, remembering the controversial vote in 2000 which required a Supreme Court decision to make Bush president.

Blake said he wanted Obama to win "to put an end to right-wing appointments to the Supreme Court" and to "regulate the money that is being spent to support those who stripped the American economy."

A President Obama would also assure what Blake called "a reasonable exit from Iraq and reasonable support of the government of Afghanistan."

Lily, a first-generation Ukrainian-American from New York City, also cast her vote for Obama.

"He represents something we haven't seen before in the United States," the 33-year-old fashion pattern-maker said.

The election of a black man as US president would be "cool", she said. "That it is possible is what makes America great."

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