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Séjours linguistiques et programmes d'études à l'étranger

Address: 11 Rue Alexandre Cabanel, 75015 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 47 34 32 89 | View website | View on map

CERAN Language and Culture

Address: Avenue des Petits Sapins 27, 4900 Spa
, Paris

Ceran provides intensive language courses such as residential french courses for adults, french immersion summer camps and many more.  Today, there are so many things to understand.  The world is an astounding, fascinating, rich and varied place. With hundreds of countries and billions of inhabitants, it can sometimes seem complex, daunting and incomprehensible.  At CERAN, we see this as a chance to interact, share and learn, an opportunity to understand languages, cultures, politics, business and, most importantly, our fellow men and women. The better we understand them, the better we understand the world around us.  We encourage our students to take a look at cultural aspects by joining, for example, our French immersion courses in Paris or one of our English immersion courses. | View website | View on map

ESL – Séjours linguistiques

Address: 1, Rue du Miroir, 67000 Strasbourg

Tel: 03 88 16 14 14
Fax: 03 88 32 76 53 | View website | View on map

Séjour Linguistique

Address: , Paris

Tel: 0800 300 261 | View website | View on map

Telab, cours de langues par téléphone

Address: , Paris

Tel: 01 30 80 44 57
Fax: 01 30 80 44 58 | View website | View on map

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