Expat Partners

Detailed Info:

We enjoy making immigration simple for our clients. Our core areas of expertise are split into Corporate, Private and Global immigration solutions. We manage the entire immigration process globally and locally ensuring professional, quick turnaround with no bumps along the way.

Here’s what we do best:

  • Transfer-related immigration matters, including permanent residence, student-related, French citizenship and relocation of spouses and other dependents.
  • Client account service including multilingual immigration advisers, timely updates and alerts on changes in relevant laws, global mobility and immigration regulations.
  • Preparation of documents and coordination among members of our global team to obtain visas, residence and work permits from consular offices and local partners.
  • Innovative, globally coordinated immigration services for HR Managers. We help transfer staff to existing and new international companies, including employees with specialist and technical skills and new staff hired from overseas.

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