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Bolloré Transport & Logistics is one of the world's leading transportation groups with 36,000 employees spread among 105 countries where it carries out its business activities in ports, freight forwarding, railways and in oil logistics Continuously adapting to the changing needs of its customers, Bolloré Logistics has enhanced its know-how to be recognized as a leading supply chain global provider, ranked among the 10 leading global groups in the sector, including the first integrated logistics network in Africa. Being part of Bolloré Logistics means engaging with an international and visionary Group. A Group that constantly embarks on new undertakings. A Group that invests and innovates. Job description Profile OTHER Contract Volunteer for International Experience Location Job North Asia, Japan, Contract length Mission description Would you like to work at Bollore Logistics Japan but none of the published open positions matches with what you are looking for? Please, let us know about your talent and why you feel you should be the new addition to our team! We are more than happy to make things happen for talented people. Profile If you apply for an engineer position, please elaborate on your technical skills and background. Please, indicate what past projects you have worked on and what your share in the development was. It is also really important that you have good Japanese language skills, both spoken and written. Depending on the office you're applying for, please also indicate other languages you speak Ces offres pourraient vous intéresser TECHNICIEN MICRO ET RESEAU (Technicien micro et réseau-4976) 26/05/2021 CDI Baie Mahault – France ALTERNANCE – Comptable (ALT – COMPTA-4965) 19/05/2021 ALTERNANCE LE HAVRE – France Alternance – Magasinier/ Cariste (ALT – MAG/CAR-4955) 18/05/2021 ALTERNANCE – France Mentions légales Aller en haut

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