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French cash van driver, daughter quizzed over multi-million-euro heist

Published on February 13, 2018

A French cash van driver and his daughter, who claimed she was held to ransom in France for the millions her father was transporting in Switzerland, were released by police Tuesday after questioning.

Father and daughter as well as a colleague of the father were taken into custody in the southeastern French city of Lyon on Monday, four days after they claimed to be the victims of a heist resembling the plot of a Hollywood movie.

But investigators appear to suspect it could have been an inside job.

France’s BFMTV channel reported that one of the trio had, during questioning, led the police to part of the loot.

The police refused to confirm the report or say whether the three were still under suspicion.

The 22-year-old daughter told investigators last week she was kidnapped from her apartment in Lyon on Thursday by two men posing as plumbers.

She said the men bundled her into a car, tied her up and forced her to telephone her father who works for SOS Surveillance, a Swiss company that transports cash in armoured vans, to demand a ransom.

The father, who was en route with another guard to the Swiss city of Lausanne with a cash delivery, was said to have agreed to meet the kidnappers in a car park and hand over the van’s contents.

French police estimated the vehicle was transporting 20-30 million Swiss francs (17-26 million euros, $21-32 million).

The daughter was found hours after the robbery on a road outside Lyon, where she said she had been released by her captors.

Police at the time said she appeared “very shocked” by her ordeal and had “no reason to question her story”.

Swiss authorities had said they were looking for three men over the robbery, “maybe from the south of France or north Africa”.