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Preschool in France

Preschool options in France


If you're looking to enrol your child into a preschool in France, here's a guide to preschool options in France from nurseries to kindergartens.

Daycare in France

Life in France: A guide to daycare


There are many preschool and daycare centers in France but it can be difficult to find an open spot, especially in Paris. Here's a guide to finding daycare in France for your child.

Childcare in France

Childcare in France


There is a comprehensive system of crèches, nursery, preschools, and international childcare in France. Here’s a guide on childcare options in France.


International adoption: are you ready?

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Expat Women sheds light on the personal and challenging considerations expat couples will face when seriously thinking of adopting a child abroad.

International baby names

Baby names in a multi-culti family

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Parents of new-born babies all over the world have very different options in their choice of given names.

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