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Founded in 2009 CurrencyFair is one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer money transfer companies. Their innovative technology connects consumers and business worldwide to help them transfer currency at a fair exchange rate.

CurrencyFair began life as the answer to a common problem: expats looking for a cheap, simple way to send money overseas. The easiest way to achieve this was by swapping with friends who had the corresponding need. This simple idea has developed into a global money transfer platform that has exchanged over €8 billion for our 100,000+ customers and saved them over €205 million euro in savings to date.

Today, the people and businesses, and the reasons for using CurrencyFair are too many to count, but the company mission remains the same: to bring fair financial services to the world. CurrencyFair does this by embracing the latest technologies to deliver great exchange rates, supported by outstanding customer service and processes that are easy to understand and use.

When using CurrencyFair you can feel confident in their fast and secure money transfers. CurrencyFair facilitates your money transfers with a better exchange rate and helps you to avoid excessive bank fees.