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What are the rules with regard to large hedges between neighbours? The 2 metre leyllandii hedge in our garden significantly overhangs the driveway next door. Is it our resposibility to trim/maintain it?

by Anne on 04 Oct 2008
Elaine Jarvis

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Dear Anne,

Thanks for your question, although is an online design and landscaping consultancy, I am happy to answer your query which is essentially a legal one.

I would suggest you first have a friendly discussion with your neighbours since maintaining good neighbourly relations is always advisable. However, before arranging any meeting, I would refer you to the text of Article 673 of the French code civil:

This stipulates clearly that the obligation for the maintenance of overhanging trees and shrubs on a neighbouring property is yours irrespective of whether you are the owner or renting. Certain by-laws might exist in your area of the Gers so it would be wise for you to also contact your local Mairie to check on these.

'Leyllandii' is fast growing and robust but can easily go into decline. I strongly recommend you to ask a 'jardinier-paysagiste' to do the work as this will avoid any clash on the manner in which it has been trimmed, (yes, this too can also become an issue). The professional is insured in case of unwitting damage, will take all the necessary precautions and won't cut until the growth season is over, so all in all, it is a sound investment.

Best regards
Elaine Jarvis

by Elaine Jarvis

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