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We have owned a second house in France for a few years and had an account with HSBC France to pay bills. We have now moved from UK to France to live and asked HSBC to change the address on our account to the French address and they have asked for our French fiscal numbers, we don't have them yet as we haven't completed a French tax return now they have asked for our last UK tax returns which I feel is very intrusive and none of their business. I understand they exchange info with the authorities but surely our NI numbers should suffice to do this. Is it a mandatory requirement to do this?

by Poppy on 07 Sep 2016
Steven Grover

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Dear Poppy,

If you do not have a French tax reference then yes just you UK NI number should be fine, as under the current exchange of information laws in the EU it is just the tax reference they have to have on file.

Kind Regards


by Steven Grover on 03 Oct 2016

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