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We have a short term apartment rental (5months) i France. After 4 weeks there has been a leak in the bathroom ceiling above the toilet. As of today which is now 7 weeks since first reporting this, it is still not fixed. The landlord suspended a container from the ceiling to catch the water (a fair amount) and we have to put a bucket underneath to catch the overflow. We have contacted them numerous times about health / safety issues, sending pictures of the containers, the colour of the water, the spillages on the floor of and also to get a timeline for repair (which we do not have as of today). We feel that it not legal to ask us (with a young family and a daughter who has a underlying respiratory illness) to live along side this hazard. We read our rights and feels that they fail to provide decent accommodation during the tenancy as we clearly have a breech in water tight property alongside ceilings in good state of repair. In order to be ‘decent’ the property should not present any risk to the physical, security, or health of the occupants, and should be sufficiently provided with services and facilities that enable normal occupation." They have offered a 200 euro per month reduction (rental is 500 euro per week) or be relocated - neither of which we feel is appropriate. We refused to be relocated as we selected that property and entered into an agreement for that property only (not any other). We have requested to mutually agree the tenancy and receive a pro rata refund of rental (which the fun amount was paid up front) to which she has refused. She states that the apartment is perfectly habitable and presents no health issues to us. Can you advise please.

by ROBERT on 16 Feb 2018
Susie Hollands

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It’s quite tricky but you need to continue to work towards an amicable solution.

You should push to be rehoused.

If not I would say 50% off the current rent would be more appropriate.

If all else fails you may need a lawyer.

by Susie Hollands on 16 Mar 2018

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