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David Sherlock


We are a retired couple living in France and receiving UK pensions. These are our only sources of income, and have a small amount of savings. What is our liability for income tax to the French government, if any?

by David Sherlock on 20 May 2017
Des Cooney

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Dear David,

Thank you for your question.

As a French resident your UK pension income will be taxable in France and not the UK. Both UK ‘state pensions’ and ‘private pensions’ are treated the same way by the French authorities and therein liable for tax here.

France and the UK have a double-tax agreement which prevents the same income being taxed twice.

Any interest or capital gains on your savings will need to be declared in France. It is taken into account when determining your overall tax liability.

I hope that this helps
Kind Regards


by Des Cooney on 11 Jun 2017

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